One Set: Intermission-> Elevator Pt.1-> Take Me Back, 24/7, Joy Ride-> Everyone's Got The Beat, PaffDaddy, Don't Got Shit, Dungeon

Topper Eatery And Saloon- February 24th, 2017 SET 1

Set 1: Step Inside My Head-> Shakedown Street-> Ode To Tim-> Flood In The Sky, White Wedding-> Take Me Back, Martian Monster, Birds of a Feather

Cyber Cafe West- December 29th, 2016 SET 1

Set 1: Jam-> Everyone's Got The Beat-> I Know You Rider, Maze-> Cob Web Brain, Young Lust-> Sail Away, Sugaree-> 46 Days, PaffDaddy, Brokedown Palace

Cyber Cafe West- December 16th, 2016 SET 2

Set 2: Run Like An Antelope, LA Woman, Dark Star-> Happy Hour Hero, Sample In A Jar, Sand-> Any Colour You Like-> Brain Damage-> Eclipse

E: First Tube-> Working Man

Cyber Cafe West- December 16th, 2016 SET 1

Set 1: Jam-> Cob Web Brain-> Flood In The Sky, Elevator, Leaving Home-> Everyone's Got The Beat-> Poward-> Step Inside My Head

RaiFest- Clip of Set 2 Night 1

Clip of Tweezer @ Choconut Inn June 30th, 2016

Wings October 3rd, 2015 FULL

Cyber Cafe West- March 20th, 2015 SET 1

Cyber Cafe West- January 17th, 2015 FULL

Cyber Cafe West- September 26th, 2014 FULL

Wingz- December 7th, 2013 FULL

Cyber Cafe West- April 10th, 2013